Sex – Al Dente

Well, it’s a damn good thing my tongue still works….

Mr. Happy, so hard for so long, is now weakened a bit. The hardon is not as strong with this one anymore, but, thankfully, still working. While changing positions over the weekend, I told TW that we are now having Sex Al Dente. Hard, and yet, soft. We both had a good laugh at that one.

This getting older shit is for the birds. I’m not licked yet! Well, yes I was, as TW gave me a nice wake up blow job yesterday. Didn’t go to completion but it was wonderful just the same. She loves sucking my cock and, gosh darn it, I love having my cock sucked! Match made in heaven I say.

It’s still kind of frustrating though. Some mornings (like THIS morning) I find myself awake with a raging hard on. Full, hard and throbbing. Too bad it’s like at 3 A.M. and TW and I are both sound asleep. Of course, dreaming about fucking one of the SILs probably helped. Last night, I had Z face down on a y-shaped massage table and I was fucking her hard and fast from behind. It was fucking awesome! I was thumb fucking her ass and she was orgasming like crazy. Too bad it’ll never happen. She definitely can use the release.

Anyway, back to real life. TW and I have been enjoying the empty nester’s lifestyle. If she doesn’t feel like cooking, we high tail it to a restaurant, or, have something delivered. She’s been on a bit of a cooking binge lately, trying out new recipes and cooking just enough for us to have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Awesome! Oh, and she provides me with the best bedtime snack of all…….PUSSY! Just about every night. Doubly awesome!

3 thoughts on “Sex – Al Dente

  1. I think our daughter has learned to give a heads up before popping in after bursting through the door to find me on the kitchen counter and my wife giving me a blow job. Tiny house, sounds good.

  2. Thank you for another soon to be classic MrMD sex term: Al Dente penis!
    I can certainly relate to the damn getting old and “what the hell is with my stupid penis!”.
    Al Dente when you need it and rock hard when everyone is asleep, or should be.

    My wife loves to tease me to the edge of orgasm and stop. Ok, I encouraged this tactic, so be careful what you wish for. Anyway, she sometimes uses her magic wand vibrator on my penis and has a few times brought me to orgasm when I was not erect, much to her surprise. She did give me a very rare blowjob to completion last week.

    We thoroughly enjoyed empty nest for not quite a year, then our son moved back home, he may never leave again.
    Now the youngest daughter, who is in college too close by, is talking of moving back too!

    • Yeah, ours still come back every week. Cuts down on their travel time for work. At least they give us a headsup. Our next move is to a tiny house. LOL.

      I read somewhere that using a vibrator on the head of the penis works to obtain a hardon. Haven’t tried it yet, but you KNOW we will.

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