Coincidentally, it’s also the Ides Of March. This day (night) 37 years ago, I took TW’s virginity. OH YEA! We’re gonna try to re-enact this date in history, if Mr. Happy decides he wants to play. Look for the recap of 37 years ago today on the Decades channel. LOL. I’ll try not to crush my sexy lover, as these days, I can truly say, I’m twice the man I used to be. Wish us luck!

We had a nice session the other night. We were watching TV when TW looked over, stood up and dropped her pants. She quickly lay back on the couch and I got down on my knees and worshiped her pussy. After licking her to several strong orgasms, I was delighted to find that my cock had risen to the occasion.

I stood up and pushed my cock into TW’s mouth. She really went to town licking and sucking on my shaft. I began a nice face fucking rhythm and pushed my dick deeper into her throat. I could hear her gag every now and then but she kept sucking like the cock slut she is.

I pulled out and began to stroke off. I closed my eyes and imagined G, one of my co-workers, spread out before me. I wove a quick fantasy 3-way between TW, G and myself. The thought that pushed me over the edge was having TW and G hugging, tits squished together as I came on them. I came on TW’s tits and she frigged herself to another strong orgasm.

It was quite the surprise session as neither one of us expected it to go that far.

Hopefully, we can get our reenactment in tonight. I’ll let you know tomorrow.