Back In The Saddle Again…

Due to an illness, it’s been relatively quiet around the MD household lately, at least sexually speaking. TW and I have just got back into regular sessions again. We even snuck in a morning, before work, session. Al dente was there, but it was all good because TW got her kitty licked and she came pretty strongly.

This morning, I got this….


I’m guessing TW had a pretty good start to her day. I like the fact that the lights on the dildo look like a surprised face. 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised when I got the picture that’s for sure.

Have an awesome weekend folks. TW and I will be chasing GKs around the house all weekend. Keep us in your prayers. Gonna be tough to make it up for work on Monday, although, spending a day in bed with TW sure sounds wonderful.

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