Lovely To See You Again My Friend

TT, at work, has been really stepping up her dress up game lately. Her tight, sexy, Russian ass has been encased in tight slacks and dresses over the past week. Lovely to look at for sure. She’s got a great set of mom hips to go with that firm ass of hers, as well as a healthy pair of breasts. Makes me want to bend her over my desk and fuck her until she passes out. Oh, if only I could do that. It would be nice. She’s smiling a lot more too. Must be in her happy place. Good for her!

Aaaaaaaaaand now, TW’s sick. Luckily, we got in a nice CG session over the weekend, despite having the GCs. TW sucked my cock, rode me like a wild woman, got her tits sucked, her ass spanked and her mouth filled with my cum. Yeah, it was a nice release for both of us.

I’ve got a crazy work travel schedule this week so don’t know how much sexin’ we’ll get in. Along with my schedule, TW’s period is trying desperately to make an appearance. It’s been almost a year since she’s had it. She told me she’s gonna be mightily pissed off if it does arrive. That means a whole another year of missed periods before she’ll be in menopause. It happened to a friend of hers. She got her period just as month number twelve was arriving. ARGH!