Sunday Morning Fun

Hello Gentle Readers,

TW and I had a spirited session today. There was cock sucking, pussy eating, CG, cum swallowing, spanking, hair pulling, titty sucking, and finally, sleeping. It was one of our more spirited sessions in recent memory, hence the nap afterward.

Now to get ready for the work week. UGH.

New Lifestyle Motto

TW and I have come up with a new lifestyle motto. It’s one we both can embrace and feel comfortable enough to share with the rest of you….


Seems like a pretty good lifestyle to follow. We’ll keep you posted……


Hi Everybodies,

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. After the two of us were sick, Easter came along and we’ve been dealing with family stuff and work issues and, well, life. Sucks to be an adult, doesn’t it?

We did get in a nice CG session this morning. After sucking my cock hard, TW rode me to several orgasms, including a couple of spanking related ones. She got her hair pulled, her nipples sucked and generally had a good time. It’s good to be healthy enough that we can get it on again.

Hopefully, more in store for the weekend.

Have a great one!

Take One Down, Pass It Around

And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout beers. My turn to be sick this week. TW’s finally to the point where she’s not coughing up a lung every time she coughs. Me? I’m in the early stages, stuffed up head, sore throat, runny nose. I can hardly wait! It was worth it though.

We had a nice morning session over the weekend. A bit o’ cock sucking, some cowgirl, lots of ass slapping, some spoon and titty sucking and we both wound up coming. Can’t beat that! I’ll take the cold if I can get me some lovin’ like that. EVERY. DAMN. TIME.