OMFG, I’m Doomed!

So, last night I left the stove burner on. Luckily there was water in the pot but it still evaporated. Luckily, the heat was on low and the pot is okay.

Forgetting to turn off appliances is one of the signs of death for an old(er) person. It’s bad enough I twist my ankle every now and then on the lip in the garage, but now I’m leaving the burners on the stove on. Won’t be too long now before I forget to keep breathing, or I’ll fall in the house and hit my head. Maybe I’ll drown in the bathtub after falling asleep. Wait, I don’t take baths, forget that one.

Anyway, the end is near my friends.

The Return Of Mr. Happy


Mr. Happy made his triumphant return to the field this morning. TW made good use of his return by taking him Spoon and then CG style. WOOT WOOT!

He lasted almost 45 minutes and, although he didn’t let loose, it was a nice feeling to put him back to good use. TW seemed pretty damn happy as well. She sucked on him for almost 15 minutes. We broke out the Jack Daniels Honey to celebrate later on, although, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. 😉

JD Honey

Foto Phriday – Yeah, It’s TOO Quiet

TW and I are getting our asses kicked by life lately. We’ve been too pooped to pop and she’s usually asleep before I can get my lips down on her pussy. In fairness to her, I’m falling asleep pretty quickly too, so it’s not just her. We usually jerk each other awake sometime after we’ve fallen asleep cuddled against one another. We’ve got another busy weekend before things slow down a bit. Things won’t be quiet for too long though. Busy weekend crank up again middle of June, so, no rest (or sex) for the weary.

Foto Phriday this week will continue the road trip theme with a stop at the hotel. Gotta rest sometime…..

DSC00492  tumblr_ntl90gi0ub1upvxu8o5_1280

random-shite-2016-09-01-19  DSC03374



Have a great weekend!

Damn Old(er) Age

Been quiet around the MD household lately. Both TW and I are suffering from old age syndrome. Her back has been giving her fits and now my back is on the fritz. Also, the pre-menopausal pink is back. DAMN  YOU OLD(ER) AGE! Damn you to hell!

Hopefully, things will get back on track soon. Our weekends will be full for quite a while now. Family weddings, friends’ kids weddings, birthdays, etc. will make it quite busy for quite a while. It’s okay though, we don’t have to pay for any of them. 😉