OMFG, I’m Doomed!

So, last night I left the stove burner on. Luckily there was water in the pot but it still evaporated. Luckily, the heat was on low and the pot is okay.

Forgetting to turn off appliances is one of the signs of death for an old(er) person. It’s bad enough I twist my ankle every now and then on the lip in the garage, but now I’m leaving the burners on the stove on. Won’t be too long now before I forget to keep breathing, or I’ll fall in the house and hit my head. Maybe I’ll drown in the bathtub after falling asleep. Wait, I don’t take baths, forget that one.

Anyway, the end is near my friends.

One thought on “OMFG, I’m Doomed!

  1. You’ll be ok. There’s a pill you Can take for that.
    I take a little blue pill to help…..Oh, hang on, that’s for something else…lol 🍆💦
    Take care

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