Now, THAT’S How You Start A Sunday

TW and I had an awesome wake up call on Sunday. She got up early, as usual, and I slept in till almost Noon. As I was waking up, the bedroom door opened and in walked TW removing her clothes. I can live with that. 😉

She hopped on the bed, pushed me back down and immediately engulfed my cock in her mouth. Again, I can live with that. She soon had me hard and she mounted up CG style. I easily slid into her cunt and we were off.

Oh, there was hair pulling, nipple sucking, ass slapping, tongue wrestling fun to be had and we damn well had it. I lasted almost 20 minutes before I told TW to dismount and get ready to swallow. She moved down, took me in her mouth and swallowed my load.

While she was swallowing, she shifted into 69 and I had the pleasure of eating her out to one strong orgasm after another. There was ass slapping as well and TW came like a woman possessed. You can tell the orgasms are good when your honey falls on to her back and immediately is dead to the world. We both drifted off to sleep for about a half hour or so.

Yeah, it was an awesome way to start our Sunday.