A Downward We Will Go

I continue my descent into old age with the latest development being turn signal issues. Yes, I’ve started leaving my turn signal on after making a turn or merging onto the highway. Another sign that I’m old(er). The worrisome part is that it’s happened three days straight now. So far today, Thursday, I haven’t succumbed to it yet, but it’s lurking out there, waiting, watching, for the right moment to make me look like an old person.


3 thoughts on “A Downward We Will Go

  1. Haha, I have had a few “senior moments” lately where my brain is not controlling my hand. Putting things away in the totally wrong spot and then realizing it with a “WTF?”
    Well, I guess you can only maintain a sense of humor.
    I don’t remember what the humor was about though.

  2. lol. welcome to being more than 25 years old bud! Gonna go for the earlybird supper special at 4:15pm too!? šŸ˜‰

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