Foto Phriday – Anniversary Edition

TW and I are back from our anniversary trip. Celebrated 34 years this year. Daaaaaaamn, that’s a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. We had a great time, having morning CG sex and visiting cemeteries and just relaxing around the cabin. There was a hot tub and TW made good use of it to ease her aches and pains. I got in once. TOO. DAMN. HOT. Temps, with added humidity, were in the 110-120 range. Getting into water that was 104 did not thrill me all that much. Hey, did I mention we had sex? Good, you know, I’m old(er) now and I might have forgot to say anything.

Here’s some pics from anniversary trips past, hope you enjoy them….

PS 8-2006 016 G-07-23_0119






Have an awesome weekend folks!

2 thoughts on “Foto Phriday – Anniversary Edition

  1. well isn’t that hawt, sexah stuff? Sounds like you had a great vaca!! Love those pics, and congratulations on your long life together! (I’ve got a few more years on ya, but not as nearly as exciting a sex life!)


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